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Episode 62: Stop sabotaging Yourself with Karen Abrams

Episode Summary

Today Dr. T is joined by Master Theta Healer Karen Abrams. They talk about Karen's work as a theta healer and how, in a theta brain wave state, your mind can talk to your body to reverse toxic emotions, replacing them with unconditional love. Dr. T and Karen also discuss how Karen reached people to heal their "inner bully." Karen tells Dr. T her thoughts on jealousy and the power of acknowledging, accepting, and allowing ourselves to feel whatever we feel and letting those feelings go. Karen also gives Dr. T her thoughts on being your authentic self.

Episode Notes

Today's Guest: Karen Abrams

Karen is a UCLA-educated entrepreneur, Master theta healer, gifted, intuitive, and international best-selling author. For 20 years, she has helped entrepreneurs and professionals release self-sabotaging habits and gain confidence, financial security, and personal fulfillment. Karen works with clients worldwide to transform their subconscious beliefs and break free from the trapped emotions, traumas, and limiting mindsets to build the financial and personal success they desire and deserve. She is known for integrating her energetic work with practical tools to produce powerful results. Her insights and healing abilities have made her a rising star on radio podcasts, the International telesummit circuit in the human potential movement.

From this episode:

" I had a lot of self-doubts, just everything crept in, and yet, other people around me always said, you're great, you're so successful. And all of that support and all of that conversation for me, I was almost fearful because it put me into a position of OK; now, I have to be successful. And it wasn't until I turned the corner or finally said, wait a second. It's OK. I don't know everything. It's OK, and I became OK with making mistakes. OK, with, quite frankly, looking stupid on stage, you got to make mistakes. And then you realize I'm OKOK. This wasn't the end of the world. " -Dr. T

"As much as we don't want to feel jealous, we feel jealous. And one of the things that I found out about jealousy is that it's really just about being stuck. And so that when you feel jealous, go, Oh, where am I stuck? It's OK that you're jealous. But where am I stuck? That is because then you can do something about where you're stuck. So anytime I get triggered that way, that's where I go straight to that. And I also do this other really wonderful thing. That is, I say, I acknowledge, accept, and I allow it. So you say I get that I feel jealous that so and so is doing better than I am. And I feel like I'm ten times as smart as they are, right? And I say I acknowledge it; I accept it. And I allow it. And what that does is it takes a judgment out because we judge ourselves so harshly. So that's why I do all this inner critic work and inner bully work." -Karen Abrams