Heart Hustle and Humor

Episode 45: Becoming the Media We Need with Meredith Yinger

Episode Summary

On this episode, Dr. T is joined by Co-Founder and Lead Director of SheTV Media Meredith Yinger for a discussion on finding a career in story telling, bringing in the humor, and documentary filmmaking.

Episode Notes

Today's Guest: Meredith Yinger

"I Co-Founded She TV Media to carve out a space for untold stories and underrepresented voices in filmmaking. I am a Jane of all trades in production and storytelling. I often combine my favorite things - documentaries and guacamole - into one."

From the Episode:

"There's always a moment for laughter. You can be a serious person and not take yourself too seriously." -Dr. T

"I decided in order to change the media, we had to become the media." -Meredith Yinger

Meredith Yinger:




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