Heart Hustle and Humor

Episode 35: Inspiration and Encouragement with Chris Hampton

Episode Summary

On this episode, Dr. T is joined by leadership speaker Chris Hampton for a conversation on what it takes to inspire, the art of public speaking, and discovering your purpose later in life.

Episode Notes

Today's Guest: Chris Hampton

I believe that people need motivation not hype.

Inspiration not pipe dreams.

Truth and transparency instead of inflated egos.

The Champ I Am commitment is to give you all of these benefits creating an environment that your team will want to embrace and choose to grow. I commit to Encourage, Educate, Empower, and Equip your team to Release the Champ I Am spirit. To help take your team to the next level.

From the Episode:

"There's a huge difference in thinking you want to do something and saying you're meant to do something." -Dr. T

"I always had the desire to inspire, educate, and encourage people... I just didn't know it could be a career." -Chris Hampton

Chris Hampton:


To set a time to meet Chris: linktree.com/ChampiamChrisHampton


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